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Welcome Back

Welcome Back

It was wonderful to welcome lots of our 'new' Year 13 back through the doors of the Co-ed College this week and see them in person after a successful term of Guided Home Learning. They have been thinking about the concept of change -  a changing world and their own choices for the next big change in their lives  - university and beyond! They were invited to share ideas about any small changes they could suggest for enrichment / tutor sessions next year- they put these on post it notes and were invited to 'post it' to us during the day. We will try to build these ideas into our plans for the future.

Then the real business of the day began - on Tuesday and Wednesday this was  a series of sessions guiding students though the login process for UCAS and encouraging them to complete several sections of the application form.   Students could ask questions as they went through the process and staff could troubleshoot.

Students were given several breaks to reconnect' with friends, tutors and support staff as well as with members of the College Leadership Team. Encouraged to go outside for fresh air, gentle exercise and social time, the students were also treated to a Resolve-It half hour led by Eira Culverwell. At all times they were reminded of the need to wash hands, use sanitiser and keep a safe distance between them. 

The afternoon sessions focused on how to start, draft and improve the personal statement ready for the final section of the UCAS form. The students worked really well in the Great Hall with everyone making progress on their applications, ably supported by their tutors and the College Leadership Team.

Mrs Wilks has been the most amazing guide for students through the labyrinthine maze of UCAS; she is a treasure and we are lucky to have her expertise. Students applying for Medical courses and considering Oxbridge applications were given further guidance and support by Mrs Harrison-Hughes and Dr Lewis who organised a range of supporting activities and meetings throughout the week.

A wide range of one to one meetings that had been carefully interwoven into the week also took place and students were given a checklist to try and complete by the end of term on Friday. I think we can judge it a huge success with this year's students actually being much more advanced in the application process than ever before. There is no doubt that these students already look more mature and focused. We look forward to working with them as the leaders of the School and College in Year 13.

16 July 2020

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