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Learn more about Geography

Why study this subject?

Geography at AS level is a balance of both human and physical units, including coastal systems, tectonic hazards and changing places.

In both units, you will be expected to plan and take part in a range of fieldwork investigations as part of a residential field course in Pembrokeshire in the Spring term.

The use of ICT to develop geographical knowledge, skills and understanding is an important aspect of the course. To develop GIS (geographical information systems) skills we use professional standard digital mapping software (ArcGIS online) and mobile devices out in the field. By studying AS/A Level Geography you will develop as a highly-skilled, critical thinking, independent learner; key attributes that make geographers highly employable.

We will be following the WJEC AS and A Level course which can be viewed here.

The department was awarded the prestigious Geographical Association – Secondary Geography Quality Mark (SGQM) in recognition of the excellent geographical experiences on offer at Howell’s School, Llandaff.

Which Examination Board?


Does the AS count towards the A Level or is it a standalone qualification?

The AS qualification can be studied as a standalone qualification and is also worth 40% of the overall A Level.

How will you be assessed?


Unit 1: 2 hours (24% of A Level),

Unit 2: 1 hour 30 minutes (16% of A Level).


Unit 3: 2 hours (24% of A Level)

Unit 4: 2 hours (16% of A Level)

Unit 5: Non-Exam Assessment – 3,000-4,000 words (20% of A Level) – marked by teachers, moderated by WJEC (20% of qualification).

What is the outline content over 2 years?

Year 12

  • Changing Landscapes: Coasts

  • Changing Places

  • Tectonic Hazards

  • Fieldwork investigations

Year 13

  • Water and carbon cycles

  • Global Governance: Change and Challenges

  • Energy Challenges and Dilemmas

  • Ecosystems

Coursework Investigation (for A Level only)