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The Bursary Fund

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At Howell's Co-Ed College, our students are encouraged to think beyond the accepted argument and challenge their own worldview.

This is encouraged by teachers, but often the perspective of the student in the next seat is the one that will shape the discussion and take it in a new direction with the question they ask or the view they hold.

By enriching our classrooms with students from a range of backgrounds, with diverse perspectives, we are encouraging new approaches to problem-solving and teaching all our students to question, challenge and debate.

Our goal is to increase the number of bursary places available, to ensure the brightest and the best students continue to flourish at the College.

The Howell’s Bursary Fund is the result of generous donations from individuals to the Howell’s Umbrella Giving Scheme and from Corporate Sponsors including the Drapers’ Company. The Bursary Fund needs to grow to maintain its impact, to secure bursaries and to weather economic uncertainties.  

Click here to donate to the Bursary Fund.