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Why study this subject?

It is a fascinating tour through the origin, breadth and characteristics of all living organisms from the level of the cell to the interactions of organisms and their environment. It allows you to combine skills of literacy and numeracy with practical investigation in the laboratory and field. If you enjoyed GCSE Biology you will really get immersed in the depth of study at A level and the widespread application of key principles in our modern world.

Which Examination Board?


Does the AS count towards the A Level or is it a standalone qualification?

The AS counts towards the A Level.

How will you be assessed?

Students will sit the AS qualification in May/June. There are two papers, each is 1 hour 30 minutes and worth 20% of the A Level.

Students will sit the A Level qualification in June. There are 2 papers, each 2 hours long and worth 25% of the final marks.

The remaining 10% of the A Level marks are on a practical examination in April.

What is the outline content over 2 years?

Year 12

AS Unit 1: 20% Basic biochemistry and cell organisation

AS Unit 2: 20% Biodiversity and physiology of body systems

Year 13

A2 Unit 3: 25% Energy, homeostasis and the environment

A2 Unit 4: 25% Variation, inheritance and options

A Unit 5: 10% Practical examination