Information about scholarships

Honours Programme and Laureates

Honours Programme

The Honours Programme aims to:

  • recognise individual achievements and potential
  • identify the top students in the College
  • publicise these students to staff so that they are challenged to do their best
  • Provide and promote opportunities that motivate and encourage students to be aspirational

The following scholars are invited to participate in the Honours Programme:

  • Academic and General Scholarship holders
  • HSBC Scholarship holders
  • Students awarded a Music, Drama, Art, Product Design or Sport Scholarship
  • Honorary Scholars who achieved a significant number of A*s or 8/9 at GCSE

The Laureate Programme

All Scholars are expected to pursue a Laureate, which encourages and recognises distinction is a particular field. The Laureates fall into five categories:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Product Design and Artistic Excellence
  3. Dramatic Excellence
  4. Musical Excellence
  5. Sporting Excellence

Involved in each laureate is a common core of experience:

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Enrichment
  • Contribution
  • Excellence

GDST Prizes and Scholarships

As well as funding financial scholarships and our Honors programme, the GDST provides a wealth of opportunities for ambitious and talented students. The following prizes and scholarships are some of those available from the GDST.

Somerville and Gurney Award

An essay based examination for all scholars in Year 12.

Johnston Memorial Scholarship

For Year 13 students intending to read Law at university.

Frederica Lord University Scholarship

For Year 13 students pursuing a recognised course of academic study at one of the universities specified by the founder.

Nomura GDST Scholarship

An opportunity for Year 13 students to win a scholarship and secure a place on Nomura’s highly competitive two-week immersion programme.

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