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Learning support

At Howell’s Co-Ed College, we have high expectations of all students and we aim to promote achievement through the removal of barriers to learning and participation. Our aim is to ensure the full integration and inclusion of all students in the life of the school and to maximise their learning potential.

We recognise that some students might have difficulties accessing the curriculum: in these cases, effective and differentiated support is provided within the classroom by the subject teacher. Students with ALN however, may require structured learning support which is different from the more general classroom support given to their peers.

Students who need specialist support with their learning include those with the following types of learning difficulty:

  • Specific Learning Difficulties, eg dyslexia, dyspraxia
  • Emotional, behavioural or social difficulties, eg ADHD, ASD
  • Speech and language difficulties
  • Sensory and physical difficulties
  • English as an Additional Language

We encourage students to take responsibility and to make decisions; this is part of the culture at Howell’s Co-Ed College. Students are invited to make judgements about their own performance, to set their own targets and to evaluate their work and progress constructively.