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Skills for University, Skills for Life

Skills for University, Skills for Life

Year 12 were welcomed back to College in January with a visit by Ruth Boyce from Winchester University. It was really pleasing to see so many students attending the session which began with a lively Kahoot Quiz on myths about university life. Ruth introduced the students to a range of facts and expectations about university life, especially about the mix of people involved and the range of skills required, such as participating in group activities and the need to be able to work as part of a team. Personal skills remain just as important as academic qualifications for employers.
Students were reminded that checking information about degree courses is essential because there is such an incredibly wide range of courses available! Advice was given about researching the courses scrupulously and making sure that subjects and skills match the course. Ruth also advised students to visit the universities before applying to them. She said, "Remember you will be responsible for your own learning and life!
Self sufficiency is part of the learning journey. Ask for help if you need it. Start now in Year 12. Get real!"

13 January 2020

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