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Education in the digital age

Education in the digital age

As the prevalence of AI in our daily lives continues to grow, Deputy Principal Mrs Darnton is speaking to students about the new trend and how to use the internet responsibly.

Thirty-four years ago, the internet was officially introduced, swiftly becoming an integral part of our daily existence, enriching us with entertainment, knowledge, and intrigue. Nevertheless, there exists an aspect of the Internet that poses substantial educational challenges, notably the influence of social media in our lives, particularly since smartphones have become our primary means of access.

Last week Mrs Darnton talked to the College about her first twenty years before the internet, asking students to think how the pandemic would have looked in her school years without the connectivity we were afforded in 2020. She asked students to think very carefully about the time they spend being ‘device dependent’ and challenging them to take heads up out of phones. This was a particularly important message for College students as they act as role models within the school.

Another aspect of the digital world is the issue of consent in photography, especially in our current era of pervasive sharing. She emphasised to students that it is imperative to deliberate and reflect upon this 'sharing' culture, ensuring that we conscientiously consider the feelings of others and consistently prioritise obtaining their consent.

Finally, the advent of AI over the last decade and the rapid emergence of generative AI needs to be carefully considered and students must remain informed in order to be prepared for the jobs of the future. With the help of AI, we had a glimpse of what Mrs Darnton would look like in another 34 years at the age of 88 (she is convinced after seeing the photograph that a more robust skin routine is required).

20 October 2023

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