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College Lecture: Dr Manoj Kesaria

College Lecture: Dr Manoj Kesaria

What a treat was in store for our students in this week's College Lecture Programme. An audience of College students were taken on a journey that began with the invention of the transistor in 1947, a type of 'Big Bang' moment for science and technology. Racing through the decades Dr Manoj Kesaria, Senior Lecturer for Cardiff University's School of Physics and Astronomy, explained the trigger for his interest: looking at radios as a child in the 1970s and wondering how they worked. From this perspective of the past, he suggested that we really are living in our 'forefathers' future'. He demonstrated the incredible changes that have taken place as conductors, semi-conductors and compound semi-conductors have been replaced, renewed and refined at a tremendous pace by a worldwide partnership of innovators. Manoj asserts that Cardiff University is now 'the home of innovation'! He challenged us to imagine life in 50 years and beyond, and summed up by claiming that necessity drives invention and stating that 'Everyone is a scientist!' Ultimately, his buzz word is 'curiosity'. In the past curiosity may have killed the cat, but nowadays curiosity drives the future.

16 February 2023

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