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Leavers’ Assembly 2024

Leavers’ Assembly 2024

The Year 13 Leavers’ Assembly marked a poignant beginning, as we listened to Year 13 recount their memories of the Prep and Senior School, as well as the College. The slideshow of photos and the speeches they presented had us alternating between laughter and tears. Riaz and Connie’s poems, crafted for the occasion, epitomized the hallmark of the College: a diverse range of creative talent and potential among them all. Please find their poems below.

Leavers Day Ode – Riaz AH

It is in these final days

that I think most fondly

of our fleeting moment in time.

A dog-eared photo

on marble mantlepieces

cherished like a crutch

into my last light.

That juncture of hope

and fear

So tightly wrapped.

Oh the sweetness of first day jitters!

Oh the sweetness of leavers’ cheers!

Oh the sweetness of results’ tears!

A nostalgic aching in my heart

As I take out those photos

and remember that fleeting moment in time.


First Summer - Connie C

It comes to me below the evergreen

A catalogue of trees;


Our First Summer

we flocked like sparrows behind the head’s garden

Deciphering the columns of our timetable,

 Searching for a rhythm in its routine,

laughter shaking eaves of branches

Challenged by the lull our weight.


With locker keys we sounded out

the shapes of our names –

A premature scholars board

inscribed into the bark

Marking the spot where we would later return.


Autumns, we perched

Under the horse chestnut tree

Prising conkers from the fallen leaves

With backs turned to cut-glass september sunlight

Pocketing a hoard of coarse marble,


Where Sports days, we lazed

Across the race-track’s machine-ploughed lines

Our outstretched bodies a reflection of branches

Framing a cloudless sky

A curious obscurity found

in the dapples of fractured light,


Its synergy of branches

threaded through my memory

Like the daisy chains  made on that first-last day,


The canopy’s peak

Repeated across the Great Hall’s windowpanes.

A shock of greenery distilled into iridescent light,


All this remembered upon the final drive away

The boughs of the crescent

Tipped into a wave

by the minibus’ forward movement

blossoming leaves trekking the flow of years-

a tapestry of changes united

by the promise of Summer renewed.

03 May 2024

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