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Whizz Bang Science with Year 5 and Year 12

On Tuesday 10th March, a group of Year Five girls from the Prep School visited the Senior School for an hour of experimenting with the Whizz Bang Science team. Since October, the Co-Ed College's Whizz Bang scientists have be meeting every week to plan the experiments and arrange the details. When the Prep girls arrived in the lab they split into groups, each with a member of the Whizz Bang Science team who then took them around the four different experiment stations.

‘On Tuesday, Year 5 did some amazing experiments with students from the Co-Ed College. All the experiments were fun and safe. Firstly, we did a volcanic experiment – we wrapped tin foil around a plastic cup and added baking powder and vinegar. We added food colouring and it erupted! It was exciting to see the colourful foam explode everywhere. For our next experiment we mixed food colouring and water with fluffy material and made blue snow. Then we used coloured sweets for an experiment – we added hot water and watched while the colours spread everywhere on the plate – it looked like a rainbow. For our third experiment we used baby oil. We added water with food colouring and put the oil on top. The oil stayed on the top because it is less dense. We then added a little tablet and it started creating bubbles in between the water and the oil! We learnt a new word - hydrophobic means to fail to mix with water. It was like a lava lamp – the bubbles were huge. Finally, we made slime. Surprisingly, we added shaving foam. Also, we added glue, scented food colouring and baking soda. We hope we will be able to do more activities like this in the future!’
Kiana, Year 5

17 March 2020

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