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Twitter Haiku Challenge

Twitter Haiku Challenge

We have been delighted by the fantastic contributions to our Twitter Haiku Challenge which was launched on Tuesday 24th March. Our followers were asked to send us Haikus based on the theme of “Spring”. Here is a selection of the contributions we have received from staff, students, parents, alumni and friends. Please do  keep your contributions (3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) coming!

Sheep on the fields,
Yellow daffodils blooming,
New life all around.

Celandines golden,
smile at the kind shining sun.
A glorious day.

Lightly, the bird springs,
Sun-glinted feathers once more.
Tulips, smiling, peep.

Sunlight shines through dust
Stirred up by my cat's soft paws
On the windowsill

The spring starts today
The flowers make me happy
I love the spring

Lunch in the garden,
Skies are hues of blues above,
childhood days relived.

Magnolia blooms.
Goldfinch on the highest bough.
Petals fall like snow.

Last night we heard geese
Passing high over the house,
Voices through the wall.

Clear-blue sky above,
Grass green leaves uncurl, bird song;
This time too will pass.

Fizzing blossoms waltz,
Veil an orchestra of bees.
The show must go on.

Warm sun is shining
The world is peaceful and still
Bird song not car horns

Washing on the line,
Dancing in the spring sunshine.
Cup of tea in hand.

27 March 2020

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