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Rotary Interact Committee for 2020-21

Rotary Interact Committee for 2020-21

We are very pleased to announce the new Rotary Interact Committee for 2020-21.

President: Pascha A

Deputy President: Rookmini M

Secretary: Izzy A

Treasurer: Lucy H

Marketing Coordinator: Eadie D

Charity Link: Tawhid M

Amnesty Link: Esther P

What is Rotary Interact?

Rotary is an internationally recognised organisation that runs events to raise awareness as well as to raise money for different charities. We are one of the three schools in Cardiff who have an Interact group and are supported by the Rotary Club of Cardiff Breakfast, based in Whitchurch.

As a team, we are going to organise many of the social/charity events at Howell’s Co-Ed College over the next year and are looking forward to starting our planning.

12 June 2020

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