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College House Debate

College House Debate

"On Wednesday 8th July, the College House Debate took place with two rounds, where each pair represented their House, arguing for or against the motion. The first motion was “THW stop those who deny climate change from seeking political office”. The speeches were all impactful, with Kendall and Lewis arguing for, and Trotter and Baldwin against the motion. The points made by both sides were strong and the overall debate was thoroughly engaging with both sides giving POIs and challenging their opposition. The second debate was even more heated with arguments coming back and forth between the teams, Baldwin and Trotter were for the motion “THW, as a school, transfer to online teaching” and Lewis and Kendall were against. Given our current situation, this motion was very relevant for each of the debaters, causing the debate to become heated as this motion in particular had each speaker challenging their opposition and making excellent points about the quality of education, social interaction and mental health amongst others. Overall, both debates were very entertaining and the participation and effort was phenomenal as it was the first time debating for most speakers, yet the standard was very high. As judges, Mrs Davies, Ella and Chris were listening to each speaker’s points and their engagement very well. Huge congratulations to every person who took part and a great thanks to the judges with the overall results as follows:

1st - Baldwin (Frances and Ayesha)

2nd – Lewis (Neya, Tom, Mahdi, Elin)

3rd – Trotter (Alice B, Lucas, Angona, Kate)

4th – Kendall (Alice R, Ziraili, Georgia K, Tawhid)"

 Ayesha A, Year 12


16 July 2020

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